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So like i said I was rejected by Emirates. Fine. Im going to see if I hear anything from the application I have out: Grüner & Jahr, Lidl, and Hermes. If I dont Im going to see if I can get into the MTA (Medical Tech Asst) program at the Hospital in St. Georg and specialize in either Radiology assistant or Lab. Somehow Lab sounds more interesting to me although from what I have seen Radiology Asst pays more. Guess I can decide that when the time comes. If nothing else I can train as a "Normal" MTA. I wont make as much as a specialist but I wont have to attend so long either. I think I can handle this better than a real university where I would have to write papers. This is just learn and test from the sound of it. Ill be composing an email to the woman in charge and finding out more details.

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Didnt get the job at Emirates. Although I knew I wouldnt I am disappointed and depressed. I am qualified for nothing not even living.

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8:54 am and not a good day so far.

Writer's Block: From beyond
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If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?

Id go back to my high school or junior high where I was tortured and protect the kids who are in the same position I was.

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 I realized I was missing a dod for my 3x great aunt Carrie Roth's husband Paul A. Mallonn.  She died in 1919 and I wasnt able to locate him in 1930's census. I found out why.  1st they spelled his last name as Malone and two he remarried. 
How did I find this out? 

First I decided to dig for his death. It isnt in the records online, which I found weird considering I thought he died between 1920 and 1930 and all of those for Ohio are online.  I decided to go to the Stark Co library's website and there I went through the obituary Indices. There I found three obits listings in the 1954 index: 

Mallonn Paul (Minna) Mrs. 1954 May 6 45
Mallonn Paul A. Mrs. 1954 May 7 27
Mallonn Paul 1954 Oct. 5 13

I thought this was odd and wondered, "who is Minna?" I emailed my grandmother  asking if Paul remarried and she answered...

Yes, Paul Mallonn married Minna (Schweitzer, I am not sure of the spelling of her maiden name. They had a daughter Esther Louise whose married name is Ash. She is still living as far as I know and must be in her eighties. She married a man who I only know as "Red" Ash who was a coach at a local high school. They lived in North Industry,Ohio which is a small town south of Canton. At this time you cannot tell when you are out of Canton and in N.lndustry as it is all built up. I believe that Esther Louise had four boys and I know one of them is a dental surgeon in Canton. As for the other ones I don't know their names. I hope this answers your questions. Al Mallonn was Paul's son by his first wife making him my dad's cousin. If you have any other questions where I can help, just let me know. Grandma
Now my mom's cousin's soon to be ex-wife is going to go to the library for me and look up the obits.  Im sending her chocolate as payment.   Also on a whim I messaged Paul's great grandson on FB to see if he was willing to share info and if  he is interested in what I have. This g-grandson is the g-grandson of Carrie not Minna.  I) dont expect to hear back but figured it doesnt hurt to see.

Morris Family
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Im looking into other early Morris families in Harrison County Ohio to see if there is a connection to mine.
My family were some of the first settlers. 5x great uncle Daniel Morris surveyed the land. His contemporary, my 5x great grandfather Joseph Huff was the first settler in the county. At that time it wasnt a county, just the other side of the Ohio River.
Im trying to find out more about Daniel. Family biographies say that he was born in Maryland. The family then lived cross the River in (future West) Virginia from Marietta, Ohio. That puts them in Elizabeth, then Ohio Co, (W)Va current Pleasants Co., WV (I think). I know that from 1820 on Daniel was in Ohio.
A biography written by Wilburt Morris says that he went to Kentucky for awhile and while there married Molly Crosswaite.

In 1810 a Daniel lived in Ohio Co. He had 3 sons under 10
In 1820 he was in Cadiz, Harrison Co. and had 3 sons 10-16 meaning born between 1801 and 1810

Starting in 1816 we have a David Morris in Shortcreek Twp... same twp where Joseph Huff settled. He later appears to have land in Archer Twp
By 1823 there is an Aaron Morris with land in Archer
There is also a Daniel with land in Archer starting 1823
And an Edward with land in short creek  in 1828

Im sure there is a connection but not sure where. 

Top 10 albums
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10. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
09. Crowded House- Crowded House
08. Erasure - Erasure
07. Prince- Purple Rain
06. Cocteau Twins- Heaven or Las Vegas
05. Sinead O'Connor - The Lion and the Cobra
04. Tori Amos- Scarlet's Walk
03. Eurythmics- Touch
92. OMD- Junk Culture
01. Marina and the Diamonds- Family Jewels

Switzerland, Palatinate, and the AL region of France
Yakko Confusion
In about 1845 my Beallers came over from...well by some census records Switzerland and by others Palatine (modern Rheinland-Pfalz not to be confused with parts of modern Isreal).
Since they settled in Lancaster Co., PA they were obviously Memmonites like my other Lancaster relatives were. Ive been trying to find more about the immigration of the Memmonites to the US. Most I found is what I already know since some of my distant relations were from the early Germantown Memmonits from Münster. In fact that is how I am related to Sir Samuel Cunnard, but these Bealler ones puzzle me.

I do think I found a ship's record for Marks/Marx Bealler. The passenger is the right age b.*1821 immigrated on that ship 1846. The problems are 1) last name spelling and 2) this fellow is from France. Of course it doesnt say where in France and he may have well lived a year in France before hopping on the ship. Or thanks to the many AL border changes he may have been born in France then it became Palatine. Or he was from Zürich or one of those tiny towns on the 3 country border.

The arrival year of 1846 gave him plenty of time to meet Mary, his wife and have his son Oliver but all censuses say Oliver was born in Switzerland/Palatine. Ive yet to find when Mary and Oliver came. They arent listed on the list with my suspected "Marx Boller. It is just the dates match so well I have a feeling it is him. This is so frustrating and it doesnt help that Marx's wife was named Mary. Just frustrating

Havent made a genealogy post in awhile
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So I decided to temporarily renew my Ancestry account. Strangely enough where I found the info, although I checked there before, was Family Search Labs.
What inspired me to do this?
Do what? Get back into genealogy? Well ... I have several trees on Ancestry and can see when someone "borrows" pictures and info. Lately a woman has been adding my photos from my Johnson/Darrah tree to hers. I contacted her. She is the wife of one of my 2x great uncle Alvey's grandsons. I noticed however that although her husband is the grandson of Alvey that she didnt have an exact dod for Alvey himself.
This lack of dod (and lack of pictures of Alvey) are something that have bothered me for ages. Most anyone can tell was it was 1961. But yesterday I dug around at and found they now have the indices for WV's death records up to 1963 I think it is. Might be up to '65, but no matter.
There was the index for Alvey death big as day. I now know that he died 12 November 1961.

After that find I thought Id play around a bit. I said to look for children of Robert Darrah and Delilah Eliza Hall. Last name Darrah. Did I get a surprise. I found Lena. Lena whose full name turns out to be Oleana Inda Darrah. No one. I mean no one who has worked on the Darrah family has info on her beyond her dob. But there she too was and I had not only her full name, but her husband's name, his parents' names, and dom.
Then back to Ancestry I went and found the census records which gave me 4 children. Then in 1920 her husband, John Strobel was listed as a widower. I then found an index page which contained her dod. Finally back to my favorite message board where I asked if anyone could help me find out how she died. And this morning I had my answer "Consumption" aka TB. Still no one knows all of this. I am the first to find it out.

3x Great Aunt Lena,
I found you. You are not forgotten. We now have at least a brief sketch of your life. I hope it was a good one.

Weird dream
gp Hardrock
I dont remember much about it. The couple scenes that stand out are:

1) I am in a white bedroom with a metal, old fashioned, hospital style bed perfectly made with white bedding. Across from the bed is a large window with bars. Next to that is a long mirror.
I open the the door and someone is standing with their back to the bed. I dont remember if I said anything to cause the person to turn around but they do and it is me. They sort of do that Donald Sutherland point and scream out of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I scream as well. Someone comes to help me and as I turn back around my doppelganger is gone. The person doesn't believe me.

2) Next what I recall I was walking with M down as winding set of white stairs. I dont remember what we were talking about but suddenly he became quiet and looked down. I tried to see his face and realized it was no long M. That person took off running and I after them, but he had a head start. I got to the bottom of the stairs and was in a dining room with a large buffet. I saw "M" and it was him. I told him what happened and he said he had been there the whole time.


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