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gp Hardrock
I think I figured it out. My Margaret is the granddaughter of Joseph and very possibly the daughter of James Bigley. The daughter of Joseph is Margaret Bigley who married Aaron Glass. I never looked at her before although I have seen the marriage. She was born in PA 1798 which makes her fit nicely in After Nathan but before Joseph Jr. She died sometime after 1870, the last census in which she appeared but I cant find her death. Aaron Glass was buried at Rock Hill Cemetery and died 1865, but her grave isnt listed in the book and no record at family search. Since none of Aaron'S children were hers, she was his second wife, none of the people researching him seem to care about her. I kind of feel bad for her that just because she didnt have kids no one really bothers with remembering her.
I still think John was a son of Joseph but something happened which cause him to be disowned. Obviously this wasnt a big deal to Margaret Bigley Parks as the family kept in touch with each other.


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