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Genealogy problem.... The BIgleys
gp Hardrock
My 3x great grandmother was Margaret Bigley Parks. She was born in 1818 in Ohio. She died 15 November 1884. In 1870 living with Margaret and her family was Hamilton Bigley. Hamilton later married my 2x great aunt Mary Ayers. Hamilton's father was John Bigley (b. 1806 in Ohio) and mother was Nancy Ann Reed.

In many trees Margaret's father was listed as Joseph Bigley Sr. b. ~1775 in England or North Ireland.
Notes from his will appear online which read:

Book: Belmont County History, 1988, page 109, article written by: Janot Hutchins Coe:
Commons Pleas Journal "A" Pg. 188 of Belmont Co lists the naturalizationof Joseph Bigley, a native of England. What is known of his family is contained inthe will probated in November 1844 showingheirs as sons, Nathen B., Joseph, Thomas, dau. Margaret, grand dau. Marget Parks and a bequest that head and foot stones be placed at "my own, my wife's and dau. Nancy's graves". Another bequest was "To my son James bigley's children by the last wife", sixty dollars to be equaly divided betweenthem". No record of an earlier marriage has been found.

So what I have is:
Joseph Bigley b. 1775 d.November 1844
+ Unknown
1. James Bigley b. 1792 Maryland
+Margaret Wilson

2. Nathan B. Bigley (b. 1795 Pennsylvania d. 16 October 1844)
+ Elizabeth Richards

3. Joseph Jr. (b. 4 March 1801 Ohio d. 8 May 1882)
+ Elizabeth Cor
i. Margaret b. 1836

4. Thomas W. (b. 1802 Ohio )
+ Mary Milligan

5. Nancy (b. ~1810 Ohio d.~1840)

This covers the main children supposedly mentioned in the will. John, Hamilton's father being born in 1806 would fit nicely between Thomas and Nancy, but if he was Joseph's son why was he not mentioned. Then we have Margaret.
Margaret being born in 1818 would fit well as a granddaughter but with Joseph Jr's daughter Margaret Id say she was the granddaughter and my Margaret was the daughter but that is a lot of time between 1810 and 1818. Was Joseph's wife very young when they married? Was there a 2nd wife that could have been the mother of Nancy and Margaret? Were there miscarriages between the two births? Was Margaret simply a late in life baby?
I guess I should get a copy of the will and look for clues. Just a PIA and Id need to wire money rather than write a check. Ive lots of checks but none with the new address and I hate to have to buy new ones.

Okay so the will states Margaret was the granddaughter. Ive been looking at the dates and wonder if maybe Margaret was an out of wedlock baby to James and his wife. They married in 1820 but they also have a daughter Letitia born 1822. Margaret had a daughter name Letitia... maybe after her sister? Or perhaps James was married shortly to Margaret's mother and since she is already called granddaughter Margaret Parks then maybe the children of James' second wife are Letitia and her five other siblings.


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